Morgan has always had an ambitious fascination with body modification. Starting out in a local tattoo shop, she worked her way through the ranks as head piercer for several years, until she found permanent makeup. Her desire to bring two very unique forms of beauty enhancement to her clients has kept her passion for body modifications as a prominent part of her life. Morgan believes every individual has the opportunity to use their own beauty and anatomy to create a one of a kind piece of artwork.

Morgan has an affinity for art and sees it in everyday life. Her skills with charcoal and acrylics have combined to make up some of her favorite pieces. Morgan believes as an artist it's very important to go above and beyond her clients' expectations to achieve something truly harmonious and beautiful. This outlook has helped her to treat every client's vision as a personal work of art.

With Emily as Morgan's mentor, Morgan has gone from her apprentice to artist through thousands of hours of dedicated technical training and extensive study. With her eagerness to learn, and a passion for the advancement of cosmetic tattooing, she has become a Senior Artist at Beauty. Morgan is a triple certified and fully licensed cosmetic tattoo artist in Virginia.